Smile or die

Before I start writing about my own experience, I would like to share a very interesting YouTube video with you:

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One comment on “Smile or die
  1. Penny Zenker says:

    hmm, very interesting post.

    I personally believe that positive thinking is critical to our lives as we have control over the quality of our emotions and of our lives in the moment. We may not be able to control the conditions under which we live, but we can accept it and see something better for our future and create resourcefulness in ourselves to move beyond those circumstances.

    Look at Nelson Mandela who remained positive and resourceful in the worst conditions. There are many others. It is not blind positive thinking. In my opinion, it is a higher level of spirituality.

    When emotions are high and intellect is low, we are not resourceful if we allow ourselves to get depressed.

    I don’t think that Americans as a population live at that positive thinking state of mind. I think it may be interpreted that way at times. I have always said America is the land of extremes. We have the most positive and the most negative people, we have the thinnest and the fattest people, the fittest people and the biggest coach potatoes, a big melting pot.

    I believe some people pursue “the secret” or the law of attraction on the basis of higher spirituality and others who pursue it in the understanding they can get something for nothing.

    It is my perception that part of the new generations are growing up in an era of selfishness and entitlement. How else do we have people demonstrating in every city across the US under “Occupied” with a list of demands but provide no solutions to systems they claim are broken.

    I say this with a tone of contradiction with the melting pot idea, as it is not the case in all circles or doesn’t appear that way and at the same time we have developed a culture with an indifference to the larger community/world around us.

    I personally think the challenge in the United States is a lack of responsibility to what people believe is right. A responsibility to self, to family, to community. We are allowed to purchase homes with no money down. We think it is ok to do so and then to default on the house payment and live in it until we get kicked out and then go bankrupt and let someone else pay our debts. Is that positive thinking? Maybe or maybe it is a lack of responsibility.

    I know bailout systems are there for those who really need it and of course there are always those who take advantage of it and abuse the system.

    In a way, that is why I started this community. Maybe from a community, we will bond together to take action on topics which we feel strongly about, to take greater responsibility to the local culture and the global culture alike that we are creating with our day to day decisions and our behaviors. We can take action to create solutions.

    I remain positive and responsible.

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