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This past weekend, my kids and I went skiing for the long President’s Day weekend. We had a blast! We were visiting my cousins from West Hartford, who have an apartment in Vermont for the season. Rob, my cousin’s husband’s brother, lives up in Vermont so we met up to ski with him and a friend for the day.

After a good day of skiing, we decided to end the day with a nice hot chocolate to relax. I guess we weren’t the only ones who thought this was a good idea, as the lodge was packed. Interestingly enough, Rob’s brother’s friend pointed out all the skis in the middle of the entry point to the lodge that people had just dismounted and left. Really? Instead of putting them on the ski racks right by the lodge entrance where they belong, people just left them wherever was easiest for them to take them off, blocking people from skiing around the lodge area. It reminded me of my kids (they are 5 and 7) who leave their dirty laundry exactly in the place they take it off, as if they might just jump back into those pants again any second. My kids never intend to wear their clothes again, but in this case, the owners of the skis did intend to come back to collect their skis and take off.

He made a comment about what was happening to our culture. My ears perked at the mention of the world culture. I thought this comment was really interesting, as I had not thought about it that way. I see that there are others concerned about where our culture is headed – they see a shift happening before our eyes.  It is a pretty selfish thing to do, blocking areas that are designed for skiing or walking to the lodge without thinking about it twice. It wasn’t one row either; it extended a fair distance into the outer area. He also said that 5 years ago, this was not the case and would have never happened. Really? What has happened within the last five years that changed people’s attitudes?

I thought this was an interesting discussion to provide to this group. Is this a sign of our changing culture and shift to a focus on the self? Is this the “me first” generation?

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