Hurry up and slow down

When I moved to Zurich, I recognized right away that the pace there was different. On my way to work, I was speeding down the sidewalk in my sneakers, just like I was used to. It seemed, however that I was passing a large number of people as I sped to my destination. I took no notice of people looking at me funny and did not realize how much I stood out as a foreigner with my sneakers and fast desperate pace.

With time, I began to slow down and follow the pace of the crowd. I stopped wearing my sneakers… after all they didn’t look nice with my outfit anyway, and if I wasn’t speeding off, I didn’t need to wear them out.

Slowing down my pace was like a vacation! It took a week or so to settle into this new routine and get into the vacation mode. I know that when I slow down and make time for myself, I am better in touch with my creativity and my energy. I think we all know that this is true, so why don’t most people do it? Is it cultural? Maybe we need to slow down in order to move further faster. What do you think? How can we achieve this feeling for our employees and ourselves and also appreciate the long-term value it will bring?

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