It wasnt until I left the United States to live somewhere else that i ever really thought much about our culture.

I have lived abroad twice. Once for 6 months taking a semester abroad in London and then my last and somewhat longer stay in Switzerland. What started out as a one year assignment turned into a 16 years.

I have just come back 1.5 years ago. I have always wanted to write a book . Really since I was in high school. I started a business book once and felt like I didnt have enough experience so I went out and got some more. I am ready to write that book.

The more I thought about it though, I wanted to create something more interactive, something fun but having purpose. The more I thought about culture the more I see how it ties into the coaching I do. It ties into what has shaped us and how did we create the beliefs that we have. Some of them are clearly cultural.

Culture also has a life of its own. A culture grows and changes. I got involved in coaching to help people take control of their businesses, and their lives and live the quality of life they deserve. If we don’t take the reins, life will take us where ever. Culture works the same. We can let it take whatever shape and form it may take or we can guide it with purpose, knowing who we are, where we have been and more importantly where we want to go.

This movement can start in this fun community to talk about funny stories about cultural differences and what is important to us about our culture. Help us to recognize and appreciate our culture for what it is and take responsibility in the future of our culture which might come in many forms.  I am hoping that this will be discussed in further detail as this community grows and you get involved.

I still have a great story to tell but I will save it for now and enjoy sharing within this community. Thanks for joining in on the discussion and sharing your stories!


Much love


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