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Fondue American style..

Having lived in Switzerland for 16 years, I am quite versed on the art of eating fondue. The Swiss have perfected this to an art. There are various different cheese mixtures including tomato fondue which I had once- it tasted

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Giving Advice

Can giving advice be cultural? As I mentioned in my last post, my friends are here from Switzerland and have been sharing with me some of their experiences while they are here. Here is a little story they told me

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Mind Games

Berit (my Friend from Switzerland) and I went to the local pool and found a nice shady spot which was key on this scorching afternoon. I was so happy when I saw a free chair across the way so I

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American Chit Chat

I have my old neighbors from Switzerland, Berit and Thomas, visiting me . I thought they would be bored to hang out in Devon, PA but they wanted to get the real life American perspective.  So I gave it to

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Welcome! It wasnt until I left the United States to live somewhere else that i ever really thought much about our culture. I have lived abroad twice. Once for 6 months taking a semester abroad in London and then my

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