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Welcome! I am Penny Zenker. I was fortunate to have lived in Zurich, Switzerland for 16 years of my life. This is most of my adult life, even though I am not sure if I am happy with that adult label. I have returned to the United States almost 2 years ago.

In order for me to realize what the American culture really is/was and how it has shaped my beleifs and behaviors, I had to go away and learn about other cultures and see it from another perspective. Itsnt it amazing how much you can learn when you see things from a new perspective? I often find that as I share my stopries and hear the stories of others, I learn even more. It adds a depth that I miss when I reflect all on my own.

 Therefore, I have created this blog to create a community of people sharing their experiences, learnings, concerns, wishes and desires as it relates to your growth, your culture, and the future of our global culture, so that we might learn together and bring awareness to some who dont yet have other perspectives.

Lets make it fun, funny, serious, challngeing and even downright contraversal at times. Lets make it what ever we want. I hope you will Join me.



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